About JM Carr


I’m JM Carr, also known as ‘Carrie’s AJ’ to those who have been reading my posted stories on the Internet. After much nagging…er, encouragement from my prolific partner, I’m finally posting my own blog about my writing, including my soon to be published, “Hard Lessons” and my “Amanda Speaks!” blog here on WordPress.

Having lived in Texas for the past ten-plus years, I can honestly say that I will never seriously utter the words, “Hold my beer!” and “Watch this!” Instead, I’m a happy-go-lucky software analyst, the mother of a wonderful young woman who is making her own way in the world, and the wife of the wonderfully imaginative writer, Carrie Carr. At heart, I’m still a Californian, and will always pretend that certain sports exist only in the minds of others. Sports like football, basketball, and thumb wrestling.  I am also taking advantage of not having to be a mom from day to day to expend that energy writing once more. This makes my mother extraordinarily happy since she’s been waiting for me to publish something for as long as I can remember.

If you remember a story on the Internet that I posted in 2000 called Fresh From The Road Kill Cafe, it is being rewritten to update a few things and give it new life.  And, in my spare time, I assume the identity of one of Carrie’s cherished characters and tell what life is really like on the Rocking W Ranch.  A story you will never read about in the Enquirer.

Welcome to my world. Buckle up, buttercup!

One response to “About JM Carr

  1. Congratulations on your book! I look forward to reading it, I know it will be awesome!

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