The Real Amanda Speaks

Every so often, Amanda, from Carrie Carr’s Lex and Amanda series of books, likes to tell her side of their story.  From the beginning of Destiny’s Bridge, when she was a young real estate agent, to becoming the wife of Lexington Walters and the mother of their three young children, there have been a lot of adventures on the Rocking W Ranch.

Amanda’s blog began after her real estate agency closed down, and she found herself needing another outlet for self-expression. Coincidentally, Carrie’s partner was looking for her own outlet for self-expression, and teamed up with Amanda to tell Amanda’s side of the stories.  They have developed a symbiotic relationship and it’s become difficult to tell where Amanda leaves off and JM Carr begins.

They hope you enjoy their stories.  Read Amanda’s blogs at Learn more about Carrie Carr’s writing at


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