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Hard Lessons, by JM Carr, to be published by Regal Crest Enterprises in 2014!

June Cunningham was four years old when her parents were brutally murdered. Now as a brilliant young engineering student, she falls in love with the killer’s next intended victim.

Irene Hawkins is the estranged wife of a self- absorbed financial executive whose greed knows no bounds.

June has learned to live without family and Irene has learned to deny her feelings. When they come together, everyone learns more than they ever expected.

Tentative Publication Date: June 2014

To be published by: Regal Crest Enterprises


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Amanda Speaks – Smoking Salmon Update

In Smoking Salmon, Amanda and her sister, Jeannie, are taking a day off to visit Austin, Texas and indulge themselves a little.  In Part one of ‘Smoking Salmon’, they began their trip and it doesn’t take any time the sisters to get lost and start bickering about whose fault is was.

In Part Two, we’ll learn what “Smoking Salmon” refers to and in Part Three, it’s a sad day at the ranch when Jeannie decides to try out her culinary skills, determined to expand the meat and potatoes palettes of her family.

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